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An aerial view over a Napa vineyard

The opportunity to meaningfully connect with visitors to the region is easily our greatest pleasure in operating the “Insider’s Guide to Napa.” Our experience and guidance in helping travelers get the best out of the Napa Valley isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’re conscious that everyone has different expectations and needs when planning a trip.

Our publishing model is designed to “cover the bases” for all kinds of travelers, regardless of budget and taste. Our “Best of” guides feature selections tailored to specific wishes and requirements. Although this publishing model is designed around inclusivity, we realize that the ideal itinerary for lovers of scenic hiking might well be different from that for an avid food and wine tourist.

On that basis, we realize the importance of placing our team of contributors within reach of all readers. No matter how hard we strive to publish great content, there’s always likely to be a question or two with which we can assist further. If that describes your situation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Connecting visitors with ideally-matched experiences is our foremost goal and nothing is more satisfying to us than using our combined knowledge to help out.

We also welcome feedback and comments on what we can do to make our website even more useful moving forward.


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Angela Mays

Angela is a proud Napa native and our in-house editor. She ensures that everything we publish is anchored firmly in local knowledge. Indeed, she has...

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