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Cantinetta Piero

“Tuscan cuisine is simple, elemental, well-balanced and rooted in the soil. It is straightforward, honest cookery without frills. It uses the best ingredients, letting them speak without adding anything that might distract.”

Cantinetta Piero is modeled after the convivial attitude of the people and the open-air lifestyle of Tuscany.

Great food and wine is at the heart of what we do. Our visitors tell us they enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and find it a great way to kick back and relax. Our extensive wine list is available with your meal, but many of our readers will ask us where we source our wines. There are a small number of specific wine clubs that will dispense with the same delights but it’s a good idea to check specialist suppliers and established wine clubs. For those interested in the technical and not just the taste, then Wikipedia is a decent place to start on Italian wine. Also, take the time to check our special occasion spreads which can include an assortment of chef-picked wines!

If you get fortunate you may find our chef in a pleasant mood and willing to dispense with some of our house specialty recipes. Our food is inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan coastline and valleys and our pride is the authentic Italian taste. Next time you’re in feel free to ask about our dishes and make a request to see one of our homemade pastas or risottos prepared before your eyes. We pride ourselves as a vegetarian, vegan, with dietary needs and paleo-friendly restaurant. Contact us if you wish to inquire about your specific needs. Also, take the time to check out the Italian Recipes that help to define the type of food we like to serve. We are also a restaurant that prizes the tradition and simplicity of old-fashioned coastal Italian cuisine and like to indulge our guests in a range of these old school Italian treats.

The foods of Tuscany are at the heart of Cantinetta Piero. Its menus focus on seasonal ingredients and regional products including seafood and shellfish from the nearby coast, game and meat dishes from the inland and mountain regions, and beautiful, fresh local produce.

Under a 15-foot vaulted brick ceiling with massive beams, the entrance to the restaurant leads guests past a wine display to tables, a pizza bar with an authentic wood-burning oven, and the open kitchen with its salumi curing room. The dining experience is casual, inviting, and stimulating to the senses. The restaurant opens with a wall of glass doors 20 feet long miraculously sliding away to reveal the outdoor dining area ringed by olive trees.

A cocktail bar, the width of the room, serves classic and contemporary cocktails, as well as wines from Italy and California, displayed in a ceiling-high, glass-fronted wine room.

Approachable, fun, lively, modern Tuscan food from a Napa Valley point of view.

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